Who We Are

Cowichan Works is a community interest group representing all areas of Cowichan, working to create:

  • Safe, livable, sustainable communities
  • A vibrant local economy that supports families

Our membership is made up of a wide group including construction, industrial, and service workers, through to business owner and retirees.

What Sets Us Apart?

Cowichan Works is committed to:

  • Identifying and encouraging quality candidates who align with our values and share our vision to run for election.  These are people who will:
    • Make balanced, common-sense decision
    • Create a vibrant local economy
    • Protect the environment
    • Allow for real community input
    • Create solid local jobs
    • Control government spending
    • Support more housing options
    • Find better solutions to the homeless and addiction issues
    • Increase safety and security for residents and businesses
    • Support positive growth and community prosperity
  • Create media campaigns (print, radio & social) to:
    • Highlight current political issues
    • Discuss the benefits that new leadership will bring

If this sounds like it appeals to you, we invite you to Join Us. By joining you will receive our newsletters, or pay $20 and become a voting member. We encourage you to help us by getting involved directly, or by donating.